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Pumpkin products market information
2017-03-06 13:18

Dear clients,

Hereby we share with you our latest update about the pumpkin market.

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Market - China

Snow white:

The demand in the Chinese domestic market is low, but we look forward  the overseas market would be better after the Gulfood in Dubai. Most of the raw materials are in hand of traders and speculators, The total volume of the snow whites is 40,000 tons, which make the market more transparent. In general, we expect that many farmers will make the decision to plant a different product instead of pumpkin, which can make the volume of the snow white’s even lower next crop.

Shine Skin:

Many farmers and processers hoped on better demands for the Shine Skin kernels after the Chinese spring festival but the demand even get less after the festival. Processors see a poor domestic demand. The interest from Europe is not big. Only Iran consumes Shine Skin In-shells, and the rest of the crop is used for hulling to sell kernels. The estimated consumed quantities are about 50-60% of the Shine Skin crop so far. 20-30% is still stored at farmers places in the Northwest and Northeast origin. Only about 10-20% of the raw material is kept in processing factories and speculators storages. The processing factories only keep this stock to fulfil their need for their overseas business, so they are sure they have a profit in their books. The domestic demands can be easily fulfilled by buying from the farmers. Stock is not necessary as there is plenty of product available.


Also for the Grown Without Skin we did not see the prices going up after the Chinese new year. The total crop is not so big as the Shine Skin’s but the market situation is almost the same. GWS is more an export product for the processors but these demands where low during this crop. The total crop volume is about 30.000mt and international markets uses about 20.000mt.



We can still say that the market has to deal with a big oversupply. The market is quiet and many final food processors don’t feel any pressure to close long term contracts.


The month April will become very important for the market. During this period, we will get the first indications of the farmers estimated plantings for the 2017 crop. The last two crops where very difficult for local farmers. 


Our expectation will be that the planted areas will become lower than current crop.But this is still not for sure,cause pumpkin is not the only agricultural product which price drops heavily,the corn also drop from 1.3RMB per kilo to 2.8 RMB this year,so it is very hard for farmers to decide  which products to plant.If government would give allowance on the corn planters,the quantity of pumpkin would definitely decrease a lot and if it happens as we predict,for this reason we believe it makes the market increase during the summer period, starting during May/June 2017.

We will update you market information unscheduled, pls pay attention to our website if the information is useful for you.

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