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Q. Where are you located?

This site is maintained in the port city Dalian,China. Our group’s processing facilities are in

Heilongjiangprovince and Inner Mongolia. International marketing is done from Dalian City.

Q. What are your opening hours?

Mon~Fri : 9:00am to 7:00pm Peking time.(GMT +0800)

Saturday: 10:00am to 6:00pm Peking time.

Closed on Sundays, and Chinese public holidays.

Q. How do we contact you?

We would prefer all communications by e-mail to info@eastdawnseeds.com from where your message

will be routed to appropriategroup company. Of course, you may also use mail, telephone,

or fax to communicate to us.Details can be found in contact us page.

Q. How long are prices valid?

Prices for most of our orders fluctuate considerable, and also depend on quantity,

payment and shipping terms. Prices are therefore quoted on requests. All prices are

subject to our final confirmation unless otherwise mentioned in the quotation.

Q. How can we place orders?

Presently, orders may be placed by e-mail, or fax message. We do not encourage orders

by ordinary airmail as prices maynot be valid at the time of receipt of such orders.

Q. What are your minimum order quantities?

Generally, minimum order quantity for export orders is single item per 20′ container.

Assortment of multiple items in same shipping container is possible only if port of loading

is same, and subject to a minimum US$2000 per item.

Q. What are your payment terms?

Standard payment terms are 100% confirmed irrevocable Letter of Credit at sight.

For customers with good-track record with us and subject to positive bank credit report,

we may be able to offerCAD terms. New customers, not familiar with “Letter of Credit” mechanism, may,

at their option, select to pay 100% advance for orders less than US$5,000 or 50%

advance for orders between US$5,001 and US$10,000, or 30% advance for orders

orders exceeding US$10,000. Balance may be paid against fax copy of shipping documents.

Q. What are your shipping terms?

For export orders, normal shipment is “by sea”. Shipment by air, couriers,

post parcel can also be arranged upon request.

Q. How fast can you make shipments? How fast can we receive goods?

Export shipments can be made as quickly as 2-4 weeks from date of receipt of

order along with advance or L/C as applicable.

Transit period between date of shipment and date of arrival at destination

depends on a wide variety of factors – such as shipping mode selected,

delays at customs at destination.

Q. What quality guarantees are offered by you?

All products are guaranteed to be as per description at the time of shipment,

and in sound merchantable condition within the normal product life.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. Non-defective Consumer food products may be

returned within one week of receipt inoriginal condition for full refund without any questions asked.

Non-defective Agro raw materials may be returned within 30 days of shipment

for full refund less shipping costs provided there has been no adverse market

fluctuation. Defective products, supported by clean survey certificates issued

by internationally reputed independent surveyors may also be entitled to return

freight. Right to replace is reserved. Conditions and exclusions apply.

In the event of any doubts, we strongly recommend,

prior clarification – please use our for it.

Q.How do you prevent foreign matters like stone,glass in your cargos?

We have 9 procedures to wipe off the foreign matters.

1.Vibrating sieves:wipe off the tiny admixture and pumpkin kernels flakes.

2.Gravity machine:Wipe off kernels with the shells,broken kernels,pumpkin

melon shells,melon pulp and plastic.

3.Stoner machine:Wipe off stones,soil blocks and ash blocks.

4.Color sorting:Wipe off admixture and thin kernels

5.Vibrating sieves:Wipe off broken kernels and kernels flakes once more.

6.Hand picking:Pick out red kernels,mould kernels,admixture,foreign matters.

7.maget on the micro-wave machine:Wipe off iron and metal.

8.X-ray machine:Detect and wipe off stone,glass,iron,stainless steel and plastic.

9.Metal detector:Wipe off iron and stainless steel(Metals)

Our workers test the X-ray machine every two hours,if the machine broke

or doesn't work,we could find at the earliest time.If important procedure

goes wrong,we would stop the processing to service the machine,all the

kernels processed in the mean time of machine doesn't work would

be reprocessed again to guarantee all the kernls are free from foreign matters.

Q. What documents and certificates can you provide with goods?

Commercial invoices, Packing lists,Transport documents

(such as Bill of Lading, Airway Bill), Certificate of Origin are normal

shipping documents for all shipments. For agro raw materials,

Phytosanitary Certificate,Quality and weight certificate

and Fumigation Certificate is provided when specifically requested.

Upon request, independent survey certificates issued by internationally

reputed surveyors can be provided at buyers costs. Such certificate usually

cost US$400 or more per shipment depending on nature of inspection

and quantity involved. Buyers may also directly appoint such surveyors

and directly settle payments with surveyors. Shipments will generally

be delayed by a week or more to allow for coordination between

shipping department and surveyor as also to

provide for minimum pre-appointment notices required by surveyors.

Q. What after sales service and support is provided by you?

All customers are entitled to regular and useful market reports up

to 3 months from the date of their last purchase from us,

and full information on usability of our products for

specific applications up to product’s expiry date, as also on request up-to-date

status reports on their orders, shipments and documents.

Q. Would you be interested in appointing us as your buying agents?

If you are based in uncovered territory/country, and able to

demonstrate solid expertise and experience in our line of business,

with wide range of related contacts and able to maintain strict control

over quality and shipments, we may be able to appoint you as our buying agents.

Q. Would you be interested in appointing us as your distributors?

If you are based in uncovered territory/country, and able to demonstrate

solid expertise and experience in our line of business, with sufficient

manpower and infrastructure to efficiently and widely distribute our

products, we may be able to appoint you as our distributor.